Wire type fences are suitable for both external and internal fences. They offer the benefits of functionality and strength whilst presenting the most economical fencing solutions.

The wire products are available in range of thicknesses and heights as well as heavy or light galvanised. Although initially more costly, a heavy galvanised product protects the fence from corrosion.

Mesh fencing is available in either a galvanized or plastic coated green finish.

Mesh fences are used for tennis courts, cricket nets and can be custom made to manufacture bird aviaries

For additional height and/or security, razor wire or electric fencing can be mounted onto the wire fencing.

All materials used conform to SABS specifications and are of the highest quality.

Steel Palisade Fences offer strength and rigidity. Steel Palisade fences are available in standard heights from 1.2 metres to 2.4 metres, but custom-made heights can be accommodated. Products are available in a range of thickness, with 2 mm the standard thickness. An additional aesthetic benefit is that the steel palisade fences can be painted.

The engineered strength of palisade fencing is a deterrent against attempts to pry, ram, bend, dislocate or dismantle the fence. In addition, the smooth surface, sharp pale and narrow inter-pale spacing deters attempts at climbing, straddling, grabbing or gaining foot-holds by even the most determined intruders.

Palisade Fencing is functionally able to follow the profile of sloping ground and is therefore ideal for undulating perimeters.

For additional height and/or security, razor wire or electric fencing can be mounted onto the palisade fencing.

We also offer Concrete Palisade fencing and repairs to Concrete palisade fences.

Precast Fencing is manufactured from concrete panels to give a uniform appearance and strength. Precast fencing is often used for residential boundary walls because they offer privacy and lack the need for on-going maintenance. We offer both precast fencing installations as well as repairs to existing precast fences.

For additional height and/or security, razor wire or electric fencing can be mounted onto the precast fencing.

The types of Wooden fences include split pole, “post and rail”. Wood fencing products offer a traditional, natural or rustic look for residential properties. Split pole fences have the added benefit of offering privacy as well as security.

Plastic coated mesh mounted onto post and rail fencing complies with most body corporate rules for the enclosure of dogs within residential complexes.

All wooden poles and timber are supplied SABS CCA – treated.

Wooden fences are available in a variety of heights. To preserve the appearance and improve the life span of wooden fences additional treatments such as creosote, paint or …….may be recommended.

Most residential and commercial sites require construction sites to be screened off to control dust and prevent unauthorised access. Construction fences consist of temporary fencing with secured shade cloth in place to control dust. When installed correctly, these fences are suitable for construction projects of up to 12 months duration.

At Durban North Fencing we specialise in internal fencing solutions and bond stores. Our staff are specially trained to be able to work efficiency in internal work spaces with minimal disruption to operations.

We are able to offer specialist advice and solutions from our years of experience with internal fencing installations.

We manufacture and install purpose built and custom-sized Gas Bottle Cages for all industries, including domestic gas bottle cages.

We install various types of Razor wire using fully galvanised brackets.

Razor wire is available in Flat wrap or Coil (Concertina).

Flat wrap razor wire is available in 500 mm, 700 mm and 900 mm sizes.

Coil Razor wire is available in 450 mm, 730 mm and 980 mm 

Ripper Razor Wire or Razor Mesh are also options for maximum security benefits.

Razor wire can be mounted onto most fencing products for additional security.

Spikes are an additional security option for mounting on steel palisade or pre-cast concrete fences.

Electric Fences can be mounted onto most types of fence. They provide additional physical height as well as electrification to deter intruders. They can be linked to an alarmed system to provide an immediate alert in the event of any tampering.

We are able to install and repair electric fences.